Our Students

Coral Reef Academy is a non-public, special education school for children enrolled in grades K–12 who have a diagnosis of autism, ADHD, or who have a developmental disability. Students may have had difficulty in a traditional academic setting, engage in challenging behaviors, or have little or no vocal communication.   

Students who attend Coral Reef benefit from a small, highly structured educational setting with highly qualified and experienced faculty and service providers.  

It is expected that when a student’s educational and behavioral challenges are effectively addressed, s/he will gain the skills necessary to better access curriculum in a traditional school setting, and navigate the community in a safe, productive manner.  

Coral Reef Academy believes in the success of all children, regardless of disability or behavioral presentation. We believe all kids can learn within the appropriate setting, with the proper support, and when the individuals entrusted to care for those children hold education as the top priority.